It all started with a cup of coffee at Second Cup on Greene Avenue, Westmount, Quebec, Canada

Where I worked upstairs from the coffee shop, Second Cup, coffee did not come to the office, we had to go downstairs to Second Cup to get it and luckily so because the story of how Mika came into my life will unfold.

This particular morning around 7:30am I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee and before entering Second Cup, there was attached to a leg of a chair on the patio a beautiful red puppy which the owner had attached there while she went inside to get her coffee; I did not know the breed but, being an lover of animals and in particular dogs, I bent down to talk to and stroke this beautiful well-behaved puppy’s head. By this time the owner had come outside with her coffee to take her puppy and go home and of course a conversation ensued about how beautiful and well-behaved her puppy was, and I asked her the breed and it was a female Standard Longhaired Dachshund which she had got from a breeder in Repentigny, Quebec, and she said her puppy was the last of the litter for sale.

I then asked her the name of the breeder and where she was located and we continued talking for a bit and in my head I kept thinking of the name of the breeder so that when I went upstairs, back to my office, I could look up the breeder’s telephone number to get information about the breed.

As luck would have it, a man came to sit outside the Second Cup on the patio to have his coffee and after the lady repeated the name of the breeder again to me the man asked me if I would like him to write it down for me, which he did, because he realized that as we continued to talk I would not have remembered the name and city of the breeder. As soon as I went back to my office I immediately looked up the telephone number and spoke with the breeder who told me that she did not have any more pups for sale at that time but I could put my name on the list for the future litter and send her a deposit in the coming months.

I think that it was written in the “Stars” because instead of waiting till she had another litter, I asked her if I could come to see her home and the environment the puppies were kept in and she agreed, and we made an appointment for the following evening at 7:00p.m.

When I arrived at the breeder I saw Mika – a million times more beautiful than her litter sister that I had seen at Second Cup on Greene Avenue – and I absolutely fell in love with her but the breeder told me that Mika was not for sale as she was “pick of the litter” and other buyers wanted her but she was not for sale. When I sat down to talk with the breeder Mika came on me and in the most angelic way she lay on me with her little head on my shoulder –“ it was written in the stars that she would be mine”….it was incredible…even the breeder could not believe it…but “she was not for sale”.

That evening we talked at length because the breeder was very selective in who she took reservations from and sold her puppies to and the homes they would go to…..but she saw that I would more than qualify to own one of her puppies from a future litter, but Mika was on my mind.

Somehow both Mika and I connected with each other….but Mika was not for sale!!! Several times that evening during our conversation about a future puppy, my conversation always came back to Mika and that I would give anything to have her…..but she was not for sale. Finally about 11:30pm I left and for the hour drive back home and all that night Mika was on my mind. I had never seen a puppy so beautiful inside and outside in all my life.

The following morning I called the breeder to discuss the possibility of getting Mika, and had an appointment for that evening at 7:00pm….but Mika was not for sale. It was really ironic because when I was leaving around 11:00pm Mika came to the door with me as if to say “Am I going home with you”?

The following morning I called the breeder again to try and negotiate and we had another appointment for the evening at 7:00pm and again when I sat down, Mika came and lay her little head on my shoulder….She was not only the most beautiful puppy you could see but her little heart was so pure and she was so soft and gentle…the only adjective to discribe Mika was and is “Angelic”.

The following morning I again called the breeder and she told me to let her think about it and she would let me know. That evening I called her and we set up a meeting for the following evening at 7:00pm which was a Wednesday, during which we talked at length and she said she might sell her to me with the condition that I put a Canadian Championship on her and if I bred her she would have first pick of the litter….immediately I agreed and the deal was sealed……I could not believe my dream would come true. When I was about to leave Mika came to the door with me as if to say again “am I going home with you?” I then bent down to her and told her the next time I see you, you will be coming home with Mummy.

We made an appointment for Friday, at 7:00pm for me to pick Mika up and take her home. I could not believe that my dream was about to come true. That Friday I left work early and I got to Repentigny at 5:00pm, being that early, I went and had coffee at a nearby restaurant 2 minutes from the breeder’s home and at 6:30pm I could not wait any longer so I went to pick up my little girl, the most wonderful and angelic little girl you could see……my Mika!!….I am the luckiest person to have her in my life….., and the rest unfolds!!!

Mika has been outstanding in the show ring….as she is a Canadian, Irish, European, Dutch and International Champion, and she holds the title for 2 years in a row of Winner 2008 and Winner 2009.